Project Description

Jon Sass, EE.UU.

Solista Internacional. Profesor en la Universidad de Música y Artes de Viena, Austria

Jon Sass is well known as a true Groove Master and to be arguably one of the most creative tuba players today! He is uniquely versatile and is known as «Der Tausendsassa der Tuba». His imitable approach and soulful sound on the tuba has given him a truly unique solo career, being one of the few tubists in the world who create their own music and performance concepts such as the multi-media programs “Sassified-Live” and «Sassy the Tuba» which was featured at the, Jazz Festivals Frankfurt, Moers Wiener-Konzerthaus, etc.

“Sass could revolutionize the tuba.” (Edmonton Sun, Canada)

Jon can be heard on over 80 recordings. Since 2008 Jon has established himself as a solo artist featured with groups such as Major European Big-bands to Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensembles as well as many feature events.