IVB 2018 – Categories – Ensembles

Lucía Zicos


Lucía Zicos, Argentine
Young conductor Lucía Zicos has developed a reputation for exciting and energized performances.

She was the Principal Conductor of the Symphonic Band of Buenos Aires in the 2011 Season.

She was chosen to participate in the “London Masterclass” (Royal Academy of music, England) with Benjamin Zander (Boston Philarmonic) in 2011.

After being awarded with the […]

Mariano Frumento


Mariano Frumento, Argentina
Mariano has his Conducting Bachelor degree from the Argentinean Catholic University.

With just 24 years old Mariano Frumento take part in the conducting field, as well as musical composition and production. Dedicated to the piano and composition since childhood, he is nowadays mainly working in musicals, being himself the musical conductor.