Isla Verde Bronces 2014 International Brass Festival, with the purpose of encouraging musical creation and enriching the brass ensemble music heritage, is launching the 4th Composition Contest for Brass.

The contest is open to:

-Composition for Brass Ensemble (4 trumpets, 2 horns, 3 trombones, 1 tuba). The piece must be composed using elements and themes characteristic of Latin-American musical expressions.
The compositions must be conceived in one or various movements and be four (4) to eight (8) minutes long.

The Contest is opened to composers from all nationalities born after December 31st, 1967.

First Prize

>>Premiere of the composition at the Isla Verde Bronces 2014 International Brass Festival. It will take place from February 2nd to 8th.

>>Publication and distribution of the work by Barry Editorial*

>>“Fundación Microarte Award” $2000 (two thousand Argentinean pesos)

>>Accommodation** in Isla Verde during rehearsal, performance and awards ceremony days so that the composer can interact with musicians and directors of the work.


Deadline: Works should be received no later than November, 30th, 2013.

Results will be published in this website on January 6th 2014.